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Listen To Your Audience

There’s a lot of talk in the advertising world about “Knowing your target,” “Know your consumer,” “What’s your customer persona,” etc. Understanding who you are marketing to is a big piece in what makes advertising messages effective. But oftentimes, we get caught up in stereotypes. You may think you know what a middle-aged, upper class, working woman wants, but do you really? Or is your marketing all based on common stereotypes? We say no to a “one-size-fits-all” approach to targeting, and here’s some of the key ways to avoid such detrimental mistakes.

Listen to your consumers. The internet is a wealth of information about people, how they spend their time, and what they value. It’s all right there on their Facebook feed. When customers complain about a good or service, take their opinions seriously and make changes accordingly. Good customer service is knowing how and when to adapt to keep clients happy. After all, isn’t customer satisfaction one of the main goals of good sales?

Along the same lines as the previous point, don’t “talk over” your audience. Jumping to conclusions, making assumptions and thinking you understand before you’ve heard the whole story can be dangerous to your marketing efforts. Especially as marketers and salespeople, we like to talk! That’s what makes us so good at our jobs. But definitely make sure to find time to stop talking and understand your consumers.

Platforms such as Google Analytics and reporting from your social media accounts can be helpful in understanding consumer preferences. Even just taking the time to see who likes your Facebook page can be a helpful step in truly seeing who your business is reaching. We’re so grateful for customers - they’re the ones keeping us in business! - so it’s time we show them that we care!

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